Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Are children in stepfamilies better off than in single-parent families?

Check out this video to see how Gordon & I answered that question.


My stepson expects to be treated differently than my son and our (mine and my husband’s) daughter. This behavior is apparent anytime I give instruction because he says I’m talking to my kids.

The obvious is; he’s using his step-relationship against you. In essence he’s saying, “You’re not my Mom (parent),” and he’s right. It would be wise for his bio-Dad to do the disciplining until such time as your step-relationship with him grows. Or, his Dad delegates parenting power to you in certain situations.

Another factor is the age of the child. Depending on his age, he may never see you as a parent-figure. It is unrealistic for adults to think they have parenting rights when they are not biologically connected to the child. See
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